Prof. Dr. Ilter Ozer was born in Ankara in 1970. He completed his secondary education at the Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School and graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1994. He completed his General Surgery Specialization at the Ankara Training and Research Hospital in 2000 and received the title of general surgery specialist. He worked as a chief assistant in the same hospital until 2002. In 2002, he started his gastrointestinal surgery subspecialty residency in the gastrointestinal surgery clinic of Turkey High Specialization Hospital (Yuksek Ihtisas Hospital).

He earned the status of ff surgery specialist in 2005 after completing his higher specialization. He started as a specialist and progressed to assistant chief, teacher, and finally instructor at the same clinic. He became an associate professor in 2010. He also acquired the designation of surgical oncology specialist in 2013. The Eskişehir Osmangazi University Rectorate invited Dr. Ilter Ozer to establish an organ transplant centre, gastrointestinal surgical intervention, and surgical oncology clinics in 2017. He accepted the invitation and began working in this centre as a professor. Prior to this, he had also served on the liver transplant team at Yuksek Ihtisas Hospital. Together with his teammates at Eskişehir Osmangazi University, he established an organ transplant centre, liver and kidney transplantation programs, and gastrointestinal surgery and surgical oncology branches within the general surgery clinic. Until 2022, he served as the Director of the Organ Transplant Centre, surgeon in charge of liver transplantation, and head of the gastrointestinal surgery department. He has performed many cancer surgeries, liver transplants, and advanced laparoscopic surgeries in the centres where he worked.

Prof. Dr. İlter Özer studied liver transplantation at Ege University and İnönü University. He was an observer in the fields of the liver, biliary tract, pancreatic surgery, liver transplants, and robotic surgery at Cleveland Clinic, USA.

Dr. Özer focuses on gastrointestinal system surgery, especially gastric cancer and non-cancerous gastric surgery, liver, biliary tract, and pancreatic surgery. He has published multiple publications in acclaimed national, and international journals. Additionally, he has given countless presentations at meetings and congresses both nationally and internationally. For his service and scientific contributions, he has won numerous honors. He has trained many general surgery residents, gastrointestinal surgery, and surgical oncology residents. He has served as a speaker and trainer in many national and international courses and meetings for surgeons.