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Uniting Global Expertise: Introducing the World's First Coordinated International Law Firm

Welcome to Cross Border Legal Counseling(CBLCLAW), the first of its kind in the world as an international law firm where lawyers, consultants, and certified sworn translators from a multitude of countries collaborate in unison. Our team’s diversity is our strength, bringing together experienced legal professionals from various traditions and jurisdictions. This unique blend of expertise enables us to develop effective, rapid solutions while vigorously protecting the rights and interests of our clients under international law. Our areas of specialization encompass Labor Law, Immigration Law, Commercial Law, International Business Law, Contracts Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, and Real Estate Law, with a profound dedication to International Human Rights Law. Our approach is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of international legislation, ensuring that we address your legal needs with the highest level of professionalism and cultural acumen. At Cross Border Legal Counseling, we are not just legal experts; we are pioneering partners in guiding you through the intricate landscape of international law.