About Us

The main purpose of this collaboration is to come together with lawyers from different legal traditions and jurisdictions, to share different legal perspectives, to develop effective and fast solutions while protecting the interests of our citizens regarding international law.

Considering the migration trends in the world in recent years, it is of great importance that lawyers, who are knowledgeable about these migration trends and can offer informed legal counsel, lead the way in addressing these issues. In these situations, where legal organizations are absent, non-lawyers can lead to missed job opportunities and even cause our citizens to lose rights and valuable time by providing misguidance.

The envisaged cooperation will cover various aspects of international law. In the first stage, we will work in the fields of Labor Law, Immigration Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, as well as Education Law, Health Tourism Law, Insurance Law for Tourists, and Crypto Law. We will adapt and evolve in order to continue working in different areas by evaluating the conditions and demands.

Join us in shaping the future of global legal solutions and creating a True International Law Collaboration together…