Work Accident

Work accidents are events that are significantly regulated under Turkish Labor Law to protect the rights and well-being of workers. Here, we delve into key aspects of the law dealing with work accidents, focusing on the rights of foreign individuals living and working in Turkey.

According to the Turkish Labor Law (Law No. 4857), and specifically under Occupational Health and Safety Law (Law No. 6331), a work accident is an incident that takes place at the workplace, during the execution of work, or on a journey directly related to work, resulting in physical or mental injury.

Reporting of Accidents (Article 14 of Law No. 6331): Employers are required to report any work-related accident to the relevant labor and social security inspection office and the related trade union, if applicable, within two working days from the occurrence of the accident.

Medical Treatment (Article 15 of Law No. 4857): In the case of a work accident, the employer is obligated to provide the necessary first aid and emergency medical treatment. Furthermore, all medical expenses arising from the accident, including hospitalization, treatment, and medication, are covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK).

Compensation and Benefits (Articles 13 and 14 of Law No. 5510): If the work accident results in temporary incapacity, the employee is entitled to incapacity compensation from the SGK. In the case of permanent disability, the employee may be entitled to a disability pension. If a work accident unfortunately results in the employee’s death, the law provides for the payment of compensation to the worker’s dependents.

Prevention Measures (Articles 77 and 78 of Law No. 6331): Employers are obligated to take necessary measures to prevent work accidents and enhance occupational safety. This includes providing training to employees, implementing safety protocols, and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

While these articles provide a general framework for understanding work accidents under Turkish Labor Law, specific circumstances may vary, and the legal situation may be complex. We recommend seeking professional legal counsel to fully understand your rights and obligations.

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